Above we see students who have the opportunity to brainstorm ways to end violence against children in their communities. Not all children have this opportunity – in fact over 1 billion children, half the world’s children, are trapped in a cycle experiencing violence themselves.

Violence is not just physical – it takes a toll on social, mental, emotional and physical development too. It affects the child, their community, and us as a global community.

Violence and exploitation, including trafficking, child labor, and early marriage, rob children of their ability to attend school and can reduce their capacity to learn. The effects of child marriage and sexual violence negate the investments and positive strides forward that are being made in maternal and child health.

Join us as we pray to end violence against children:

God, our protector, and stronghold, we pray for children around the world who experience violence and exploitation. We pray for their protection and for the transformation globally, of families and of communities, into places where every child is safe. May it begin with us, God; give us the courage to speak out to protect children from exploitation and violence. Amen.

Are you interested in doing more to protect children around the world?

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Photo: Ilham, 11, reviews her schoolwork with her mother Rowaida in Herat, Afghanistan. Rowaida recently attended World Vision Community Change Groups and learned about women’s rights and the dangers of early marriage. © 2019 World Vision, Brett Tarver

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