A Note on Confirmation Hearings

January 13, 2017By Lisa BosForeign Assistance 2 Comments

You’ve likely seen or heard about the current flurry of activity in the U.S. Senate, beginning the confirmation process for President-elect Trump’s cabinet nominees. These are the people that will have leadership roles in the Administration — either heading up an agency or department or serving in another critical advisory role to the President. As … Read More

Progress and Hope on World Aids Day

December 1, 2016By Lisa BosDisease Prevention No Comments

I vaguely remember the rise of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s.  I can recall hearing stories of disease and death, but not really understanding what that meant—the devastation this horrible disease was causing in families and communities.  I don’t think the disease became even a little bit real to me until I saw the television movie … Read More

Where does foreign assistance stand?

August 1, 2016By Lisa BosForeign Assistance 1 Comment

It’s been a time of joy for our advocacy team (and hopefully for you!) as we celebrate the successes we have had over the last few weeks.  The Global Food Security Act was passed, the Reach Act has an incredible number of bipartisan cosponsors, and our World Vision U.S. President Rich Stearns was able to join … Read More

Celebrating your advocacy for moms and children!

April 1, 2016By Lisa BosHealthy Moms and Kids, Making History No Comments

Engaging in advocacy isn’t always easy. It takes persistence and patience. New laws and policies can sometimes take years to get passed, which is why we need to celebrate when we have successes in our journey along the way.

A lot of you have been raising your voice on the Reach Every Mother and Child Act through meetings, emails and phone calls. This outreach to your Members of Congress has been incredible and it’s working!

Why Do We Need to Care about the Budget Process?

February 22, 2016By Lisa BosForeign Assistance No Comments

How many of you heard the President’s budget for Fiscal Year 2017 came out on February 9? Maybe you read a news story about it or saw something about it on television. Perhaps you are on an email list of an organization that praised or criticized an aspect of the budget, or you saw stories in your social media feeds.

What the Budget Deal Means for the Issues You Care About

November 3, 2015By Lisa BosForeign Assistance No Comments

You may have heard or read in the news that Congress passed a bipartisan budget agreement last week; yesterday it went to the President’s desk. Even for the most hardcore advocates, your eyes may have glazed over reading terms like “overseas contingency operations” and “sequester caps.” So what is the budget deal, and what does it mean for some of the things you have been advocating for, like restoring funding for programs to prevent child labor and additional funding for the Syrian crisis?