A Note on Confirmation Hearings

January 13, 2017By Lisa BosForeign Assistance 2 Comments

You’ve likely seen or heard about the current flurry of activity in the U.S. Senate, beginning the confirmation process for President-elect Trump’s cabinet nominees. These are the people that will have leadership roles in the Administration — either heading up an agency or department or serving in another critical advisory role to the President. As … Read More

Over, but not broken

December 12, 2016By Christina BradicForeign Assistance, Making History 1 Comment

On Saturday, Congress officially adjourned. You may have heard about this in the news in the context of, ‘This week Congress adjourned without doing… X.’ But behind the news headlines and media stories, behind the doors of Congress, there are people who represent you, who listen to you, working to get things done – and … Read More

Do you understand U.S. foreign assistance?

August 23, 2016By Zoey WilsonForeign Assistance No Comments

How does your knowledge of U.S. poverty-focused foreign assistance stack up against the average American’s knowledge? Every year the Kaiser Family Foundation surveys Americans on their ideas of foreign assistance. The results: most Americans have misconceptions about foreign assistance. Take the quiz to find out how you compare! How did you do? U.S. foreign assistance … Read More

Where does foreign assistance stand?

August 1, 2016By Lisa BosForeign Assistance 1 Comment

It’s been a time of joy for our advocacy team (and hopefully for you!) as we celebrate the successes we have had over the last few weeks.  The Global Food Security Act was passed, the Reach Act has an incredible number of bipartisan cosponsors, and our World Vision U.S. President Rich Stearns was able to join … Read More

Moms say ‘Thank you!’ to the American people

April 25, 2016By WV AdvocacyForeign Assistance 2 Comments

World Vision’s director of government relations, Lisa Bos, and policy advisor for food security and livelihoods, Beth Ann Saracco, talk about the importance of recognizing women in development in this article originally posted on The Hill. In the article, they reflect on their recent trips to Kenya and Zimbabwe where they saw U.S. funded programs at work, helping communities find sustainable solutions to poverty.

Why Do We Need to Care about the Budget Process?

February 22, 2016By Lisa BosForeign Assistance No Comments

How many of you heard the President’s budget for Fiscal Year 2017 came out on February 9? Maybe you read a news story about it or saw something about it on television. Perhaps you are on an email list of an organization that praised or criticized an aspect of the budget, or you saw stories in your social media feeds.