Pray for the Hungry

May 28, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition No Comments

What We Know We know that there are more than 925 million people in the world who are undernourished, food insecure and hungry.  The world produces enough food for everyone on earth, but poverty, conflict, lack of resources and restricted access to land keeps families away from the food they need.  Poor nutrition is the … Read More

What is 1% of the U.S. Budget Worth?

May 23, 2013By WV AdvocacyForeign Assistance No Comments

World Vision has partnered with the Micah Challenge to help send a message to Congress that budget cuts should not fall on the most vulnerable.  Watch the video below to see the big impact that the U.S. Foreign Assistance budget has, despite how small it actually is. Reining in the budget is a priority of Congress … Read More

The Difference

May 16, 2013By Lisa BosAdvocate Stories No Comments

The unfortunate truth is that in sub-Saharan Africa, 1 in 9 children will not make it to their fifth birthday. In developed countries, this number is 1 in 152.  One in three mothers give birth without a skilled attendant and there are still about 2 million women in the world who give birth completely alone.  … Read More

Good Nutrition Starts Before Birth

Good Nutrition Starts Before Birth

May 7, 2013By Guest AuthorFood and Nutrition No Comments

By Cat-Dan Lai-Smith When I was expecting my son a few years ago, I learned to anticipate the usual questions that most pregnant women receive, even from complete strangers. “When are you due?” “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” And inevitably, “Do you have any weird cravings?” Sadly, I didn’t have … Read More

For the Cost of a Bug Spray Can

April 23, 2013By Lisa BosDisease Prevention No Comments

Growing up in Michigan, surrounded by water, summer meant a lot of things — going to the beach, spending time at my grandparents’ cottage, swimming in our backyard pool.  We spent a lot of time in and around water, which naturally meant we also spent a lot of time around mosquitoes. As a kid, I … Read More

Water for the World

Water for the World

March 22, 2013By Lisa BosClean Water 2 Comments

Clean water, sanitation and good hygiene are basic necessities most Americans take for granted, but for many children around the world, they can be the difference between life and death. In the world today, nearly one billion people lack access to drinking water from an improved drinking water source such as a simple hand pump … Read More

“Mommy, what does ‘waste’ mean?”

“Mommy, what does ‘waste’ mean?”

March 11, 2013By Guest AuthorAdvocate Stories 6 Comments

By Kristie Urich, Communications Officer, World Vision International My almost 4-year-old daughter is full of questions. I always try to answer them. Sometimes, her questions make me realize just how odd adult life can be and how strange we must seem to children. Then, there are the questions that have more serious answers. Those are … Read More