Question: How much greater is the risk of death due to pregnancy or childbirth when a mother is age 15-19 versus ages 20-24?

Answer: 2x greater – for the mothers and their children.

For every one mother who dies due to pregnancy or childbirth at age 20 to 24, two mothers age 15 to 19 die. Furthermore, children who are born to young mothers are nearly twice as likely to die as infants than children born to women age 20 to 24. There are many reasons why a girl becomes pregnant at a young age, including child marriage and gender based violence, both of which have higher incidences in conflict countries.

To help save more lives of mothers and children, World Vision works with families on the healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. Working through faith leaders, communities learn the benefits of  not becoming pregnant too young as well as the benefits of spacing pregnancies in a healthy manner. World Vision programs also focus on protective factors against child marriage and gender-based violence, including helping every girl attend school and receive an education, and community and youth empowerment.

You can read more about the benefits of the healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies, and see World Vision’s work in the area, here.


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