Hope is not lost. With your help, we can prevent most deaths of children under age 5 with surprisingly simple solutions like:

  • Bed nets
  • Vaccines/immunization
  • Clean water

It’s a fact: Children’s lives can be saved by simple, tried, and tested interventions that give them a chance to survive the deadly five-year barrier. Together we can:

  1. Give children a healthy start by providing pregnant mothers with quality prenatal care and nutrition during pregnancy.
  2. Ensure newborns have a safe delivery, the ability to breathe during the first crucial moments of life, and proper nourishment.
  3. Ensure babies are sheltered, breastfed, kept warm and shielded from diseases like HIV.
  4. Protect children from infectious diseases like malaria and pneumonia with bed nets, vaccines, and antibiotics.

The good news is that every year, thanks to these interventions, more children are growing up healthy and well-nourished. In 1990, more than 12 million children under five died from preventable causes. Now that number has been cut to 5.9 million. We have come a long way!

However, if life beyond five is to be a reality for every child, we need more investment and more focus on the most vulnerable children. We still have work to do.

World Vision asks you to join “Beyond 5” to help make this happen.

We need children, young people, mothers, fathers, churches, and communities to take action, to call on Congress and the President to ensure children are alive and healthy to celebrate their fifth birthday, and to go beyond that milestone into a healthy, happy life.

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