The International Affairs Budget that funds humanitarian, diplomacy, and development programs, is being threatened. As the president finalizes his FY18 budget proposal to Congress, there are reports of severe and disproportionate cuts to foreign assistance – potentially as high as 30-40 percent.

Accounting for less than one percent of the U.S. budget, foreign aid programs alleviate suffering around the globe: helping to nearly eliminate polio, cut in half the number of people living in extreme poverty, and stop the spread of infectious diseases like HIV and Ebola. Additionally, America’s International Affairs Budget promotes freedom and human rights, protecting religious freedom for millions around the world.

The president proposes the budget, but Congress will soon begin creating the final U.S. spending bill for FY18. They need to hear that you support foreign assistance now.  Please contact your representatives today and let them know you want to see this critical funding protected.


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