Progress and Hope on World Aids Day

December 1, 2016By Lisa BosDisease Prevention No Comments

I vaguely remember the rise of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s.  I can recall hearing stories of disease and death, but not really understanding what that meant—the devastation this horrible disease was causing families and communities.  I don’t think the disease became even a little bit real to me until I saw the television movie “The … Read More

World Pneumonia Day

November 12, 2015By Christina BradicDisease Prevention, Healthy Moms and Kids No Comments

One of the many memories I have as a child growing up in the Pacific Northwest is having to walk to the bus stop in the Winter with a scarf wrapped around my head — an itchy scarf that I hated. However, my mother could see me at the bus stop from the kitchen window, so I had to keep it on because — her words, “If I didn’t keep my ears covered, I was going to catch pneumonia!”

If my six year-old self had known what I know now

More Than an Itch for Kids Under 5

December 17, 2013By WV AdvocacyDisease Prevention 1 Comment

At Beyond 5, we focus on five things that will help each child live to their fifth birthday and beyond: Malaria falls under preventable diseases and children under 5 years old is the group most affected.  The world’s deadliest creature, the mosquito, kills nearly 655,000 people every year.  The World Health Organization estimates that an … Read More