How Your Advocacy Creates Change

January 15, 2016By Zoey WilsonLearn about Advocacy No Comments

Without you, our advocacy means very little. You are who Congress works for your voice is the voice that matters. In D.C., bills are introduced, but you give those bills momentum to become laws. With you, we have made great strides, helping the Water for the World Act and the Girl Count Act pass! We know these victories are only the start of our voices coming together as one. How does it work though?

How Change Happens on the Hill

January 13, 2016By Zoey WilsonLearn about Advocacy No Comments

When I first started my position with the World Vision USA Advocacy team, I didn’t know much about policy. While I have a background in creative writing and using social media for mobilization, my policy understanding was limited to some terms, the general concept of Congress, and that lobbyists influence Congressional members. Since the goal of my job is to help communicate with you, our advocates, how you can effectively advocate for relevant and pressing issues, I have had to learn a bit about the policy side of things and what it is that our policy advisors actually do on the Hill. Hopefully this post will give you a better idea of the work being done in D.C., who is doing the work, and why it should matter to you!

Feet First

January 5, 2016By Zoey WilsonLearn about Advocacy No Comments

Zoey Wilson is the newest member of the World Vision advocacy team. Last August she jumped in feet first and knows what it is like to take first steps as an advocate. Today she starts to share the basics in the first of our Advocacy 101 blog series. If you would like to take the next step in advocacy, or are just curious about the issues we will be working on this year, join us on Wednesday January 13 for our Grassroots Advocate Conference Call. Click through to sign up!