We are fortunate to live in a world where there are so many ways to show love. I have three nieces and a nephew that live nearby, and ever since they were tiny my heart swells at the hugs, the screams of excitement when I ring the doorbell, and when they choose to cuddle up next to me while we are watching a movie. As they have grown older, I have never stopped cherishing these things. But, their significance pales in comparison to what I feel when they ask how they can help someone in need, if they can donate their birthday money to kids who are sick, or when one of them writes more than 40 notes of encouragement and asks me to give them to kids I see on my next trip abroad.

But, I also know they are in a place to do this largely because they do not worry about where their next meal will come from. They’re needs for clean water, a warm place to stay, and school are one-hundred percent met. They do not worry about war, being trafficked, or if they will marry soon because their parents cannot find a way to care for all of them. Their parents were able to shape them into compassionate and caring little humans from the very start because, while they worried as every parent does, they were secure in knowing that with a healthy mom, their kids would have the best chance at healthy life – in every sense of the word.

There is something inexplicably special when a child displays, in a silent way, that they see you, they hear you, and they want to follow you in doing good. This Mother’s Day, tell your mom that you remember everything she did for you as a child, including her sacrifices, support, and love. Speak out for mothers globally, and show her that what she does for you is so meaningful you want every mother to have that chance and every child to feel that love. Take action on the Reach Every Mother and Child Act then download this Mother’s Day Card to tell your mom how she inspires you. 

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The Reach Every Mother and Child Act aims to improve the lives of mothers and children globally. If passed, this bill will require the United States to develop a global strategy to end the preventable deaths of mothers and children. Ambitious goals to prevent the deaths of the 15,000 children who die each day will be set and tracked and the United States will work with other governments, international organizations, and faith-based organizations to implement interventions that we know work.

Take action now, and tell your mom that because she cared for you, you can now speak out on behalf of others.

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Photo: Sabnam with her mother and 6-year-old niece Akter Najiya, who is a World Vision sponsored child. ©2017 World Vision/ photo by Lipy Mary Rodrigues

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