We’ve talked about ways to contact your members of Congress. You can send them a letter via mail or emailcall them, meet with them in person, write a letter to the editor, and even use social media. Today, contacting Congress just got easier, we are giving you the tools to use Facebook (a platform you are likely on every day) as just one more way to help Congress prioritize the issues you care about.

Our tools make it easy for you to find out who your members of Congress are and personalize messages to them. A newly released feature allows you to comment on the Facebook pages of your members of Congress. Every single member of Congress is on social media, which makes it especially exciting to share this tool with you.

Every single member of Congress is on social media.Tweet:

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Social Media


Here’s a chance to practice your skills. Simply select the issue (or issues!) you want to advocate for, and enter your information to find your members of Congress on Facebook (and you will be certain it is there official Facebook account). We will provide you with talking points to help craft your message.


Do you use social media to advocate? Tell us about your experiences, ask your questions, and connect with other social advocates in the comments! Then help change the conversation on social media to something positive by seeing how many of your Facebook connections you can get to act:

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