There’s someone we want you to meet this summer.  We think you have some things in common – you both care about doing good in the world, are likely a person of faith, work with the best intentions, and love your family. Together, we believe you two can positively influence the lives of kids impacted by poverty around the world. This person works and operates in your own backyard, and they will undoubtedly appreciate your concern for the global poor – they are actually very public about wanting to meet you!

This summer, will you meet your member of Congress? 

We know the action – or inaction – of government leaders (of any political persuasion) can often feel frustrating. However, here’s the thing: as our representatives, they carry the responsibility to act on the issues their constituents care about.  How will they know what we want them to act on if they do not hear from us? Surprisingly, they want to hear from us, and they need support in their districts to solve big challenges.

Every August, Congress takes a recess from D.C. ongoings so that our elected leaders can have a district work period.  They make themselves available to meet with their constituents (that’s you!) in-person, to listen to what you care about, and to learn how they can better represent your interests in Washington.  Making phone calls and sending emails get attention, but nothing is as effective as a face-to-face conversation.

Here are five big reasons why you should join us for an in-district meeting. We look forward to personally supporting you every step of the way!

 Trafficking: Over 20 million people are trafficked in the world today, including 5.5 million children in forced labor and trafficking situations. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) fights trafficking comprehensively, both domestically and abroad, and needs reauthorization by the end of September to hold countries accountable for reducing this injustice and to direct U.S. funds toward strategic programs and interventions. This summer, we’re asking our leaders to support TVPA reauthorization.

Refugees: There are more than 65 million refugees and displaced persons in the world today – half of these are children.  The civil war in Syria remains the largest generator of mass displacement. Ninety percent of refugees remain in the region with critical needs for food, shelter, water, education, and stable work opportunities.  U.S. humanitarian aid has helped millions survive but may be eliminated in FY18.  We’re reminding Congress that this aid saves lives and protects children traumatized by war.

Mothers and Babies: Every day, nearly 16,000 children under the age of 5 die, many from causes we can prevent.  Nearly half of these deaths occur during the first month of life, the same time frame that complications from pregnancy and childbirth also claim the lives of 300,000 mothers each year.  To put an end to these preventable deaths, we’re asking Congress to pass the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, which will improve how the U.S. implements mother and child health programs around the globe.

Foreign Assistance: Even though U.S. foreign assistance comprises less than 1 percent of our federal budget, the Administration has proposed to cut it by 32 percent in FY18.  We’re asking Congress to hold the line on this strategic spending that saves lives, helps foster stability around the world, and promotes economic growth here at home.


Ministry: Over 90 percent of Congress claims faith in Christ.  This means your meeting can be a ministry!  Our leaders need courage to make difficult decisions that may not always benefit them politically. They need prayer and so do their families, and they need the wisdom of God’s Spirit and truth so they can honor him with their service.  As a person of faith, you can encourage them and bless them even while you hold them accountable so that they feel supported to act on behalf of the poor.


We will provide helpful tools, talking points, and direct support to help you plan your meeting.  Soon, you’ll feel equipped to discuss the issues that you care about in a strategic and impactful way.  We will reach out as soon as you sign up to help you get started!

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Photo: Greg Loewer, Lisa Cummins (pink), Beylynda Gentry, and Christina Bradic meet with Senator Tim Kaine’s Deputy State Director and Legislative Assistant Keren Charles Dongo on Capitol Hill during the World Vision Pastor and Influencer Advocacy Summit in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, February 1, 2017. © World Vision 2017/ photo by Garrett Hubbard

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