With 100 percent of Congress on social media, it is easy to see why social media and advocacy go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean advocating on social media comes naturally.

In a poll of House and Senate offices by the Congressional Management Foundation, three quarters of senior staff said that between one and 30 comments on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were enough to grab their attention on an issue. Thirty-five percent said that fewer than 10 comments were enough.

Many of you are already on social media or are at least familiar with the names Facebook and Twitter, but how can you leverage these tools to improve your advocacy? We are excited to announce that we have a new resource just for you!

Our Social Media Guide for Advocates will take you through the steps of creating social media accounts, using them to advocate, starting your own advocate network, and some quick tips on best practices.

We value your time and advocacy and want to do all that we can to make speaking to Congress easier for you. We hope that this tool will be useful and give you the confidence you need to kick-start your advocacy on social media!

With 100 percent of Congress on social media, it is important to understand how to leverage social media to advocate.

Download our Social Media Guide for Advocates here!

Photo: © 2016 World Vision/photo by Brenda Yu

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