This week, we had the pleasure of hosting a conference call to talk about mobilizing around the Reach Every Mother and Child Act! We heard from director of government relations, Lisa Bos, policy associate, Aaron Brose, mobilization specialist, Amanda Mootz, and advocate, Ruthi Hanchett. Thank you to everyone who was able to call in, and for those who weren’t, here are some takeaways!

While we have been talking about the Reach Every Mother and Child Act for a while, there is still a lot to be done to get this bill passed. We want to encourage you to continue advocating for this bill as it will help ensure that life-saving and cost-effective interventions are used to help save moms and kids. If you haven’t already, send a Tweet; if you’ve sent an email, go a step further and make a phone call or have a meeting with one of your members of congress. Below, we have outlined some goals for your advocacy that tie into maternal and child health statistics!

Can you get your networks to do the following?

We also want to encourage you that your reach, no matter how small or large, makes a difference, you just have to know how to use the tools at your disposal. Ruthi Hanchett, a World Vision advocate, shared how she has been using social media to mobilize around issues like the Reach Every Mother and Child Act and the Global Food Security Act.

“After my trip to DC, I was re-energized to think about how I can better use my social network to support and advocate for legislation. I added a Twitter account specifically for the purpose of advocating, since it is an easy way to send public messages to our political leaders and it makes it easier to keep my private and public life a little separate. But I have learned how powerful it can be to enlist my network of friends on Facebook to join me in advocating. When World Vision asked us to call in about the Global Food Security Act and provided a simple script through Voter Voice, I reposted it on Facebook and intentionally tagged (alerted) those friends I thought would be interested and act. I was so happy to see over a dozen people respond immediately with comments  like ‘Thanks for sharing;’ ‘Done;’ ‘Did it!'”

It is so great to hear about advocates using their voices and their networks to speak out for justice.

Whether you’ve never advocated or you’ve met with your members of congress multiple times, you can make a difference today. Make a call to ask your members of congress to support the Reach Act!

Watch the slides and hear full conference call, here!

Photo: “Nothing is more rewarding in this world than being a mother and a wife. I’m very excited to see my second baby very soon.” – Lenie Bising, 22 years old, a mom of two © 2016 World Vision/ photo by Crislyn Felisilda

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