Last December, one senator put a hold on the Water for the World Act. We put out a call to action and you answered─ with over 300 tweets in a matter of hours! The office responded and before the Senate adjourned that evening, that Water for the World Act was on its way to the President’s desk to be signed into law!

Research backs what we found to be true that dayCongressional offices pay attention to social media.

In a poll of House and Senate offices by the Congressional Management Foundation, three quarters of senior staff said that between one and 30 comments on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were enough to grab their attention on an issue. Thirty-five percent said that fewer than 10 comments were enough.

An article summarizing the research highlights that Capitol Hill communications directors, legislative directors and legislative assistants find social media communication to be authentic and while group members or leaders of organizations have influence, so do individuals commenting on their own. Read the full article here.

The research noted that lawmakers particularly like it when constituents have a conversation with them, interacting over social media. Use the links below to find your members of Congress on Facebook and Twitter (and in some cases even Youtube and Instagram!). Be sure to follow them, and let them know what issues are important to you. What you say, matters!

Photo: © 2014 World Vision/ photo by Ani Chitemyan


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